Gokujo Kuromatsu Kenbishi

Kenbishi's brewers adjust the filtering process to avoid over-filtering, which can cause a sake to lose its richness of flavor along with its color. As a result, unlike typical sake, Kenbishi is neither colorless nor transparent, with the depth of color reflecting the depth of flavor.
This depth of color and flavor is a Kenbishi tradition which has been maintained for 500 years.
This sake comes across strong, with a rich flavor balanced by a lively, clean finish. A perfect harmony of sweet and dry, the slightly untamed mouth feel brings out these distinct characteristics for a fully satisfying taste.
This is a straightforward, truly premium sake.

Address: 3-12-5 Mikage-honmachi, Higashinada-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo Prefecture

Airport: Kansai Airport
Tajima Airport

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