Taiwan UUPON Point Awards

Eligible Member

JMB member + UUPON member

Availability of Awards

Redeem miles for 2,000 UUPON Points.

UUPON is an EasyCard's loyalty program. (EasyCard: the most popular IC card brand in Taiwan). You can get and redeem UUPON points at wide variety of stores, such as FamilyMart, Wellcome and Chunghwa Telecom, and life scenes.To learn more about UUPON services, please visit UUPON website.

opens in new windowUUPON website

Required Mileage

3,000 miles

2,000 UUPON Points. (It is necessary to receive the award through UUPON website or Apps.)

  • *Family Mileage Pool: Family members registered with JALFC can combine their miles to redeem for awards.
  • *Other conditions regarding mileage redemption will conform to JMB Rules and Conditions.


UUPON points will be valid for use until December 31 in the following calendar year after the successful activation date.

UUPON points converted on October 31, 2016 The expiry date: December 31, 2017

How to Request and Use Awards

STEP1Request an award

Check the number of miles in your account.
Miles will be deducted based on the information provided in your request.

  • *The JMB Center will contact you by phone if the required miles cannot be deducted from your account.

On the JAL website

Make sure you have UUPON membership prior to redeeming the Serial Number.
If you are not yet a UUPON member, please register for free on the website.

opens in new windowEnrollment

  • *Follow the flow to register as member
    [首頁/Homepage] → [填序號賺點數/Fill in your Serial Number and earn points] → (註冊UUPON會員/Registration)[立即加入/Register as a member right away]

opens in new windowRequest an Award

Taiwan UUPON Point Awards can be requested only through the JAL website. Requests over the phone are not available.
Once miles are redeemed, they cannot be refunded or exchanged for other awards.

STEP2Use your award

Serial Number (14 digits) will be sent to JMB member's registered email by around 1 week after accepting application. Please check your spam or junk mail folders in your email box if you do not receive the Serial Number.

Receive your award

Visit UUPON's website or APP and click "填入序號 立即賺點" to provide the Serial Number within the validity. Please visit UUPON for the details.

opens in new windowLearn more

  • *How to Receive your points
    [首頁/Homepage]→[填序號賺點數/Fill in your Serial Number and earn points]→[我是UUPON會員/I am a UUPON member]→[填入序號 立即賺點/Fill in your Serial Number and earn points just now]→[會員登入/Member Login]

Deadline for loading UUPON points

Please visit UUPON's website or APP and to provide the Serial Number within the validity.
The expiry date of Serial Number varies depending on the date of award application.

Accepting application during
(Japan Standard Time)
The expiry date of Serial Number
February 1, 2018 through July 31, 2018 October 31, 2018
August 1, 2018 through January 31, 2019 April 30, 2019
February 1, 2019 through July 31, 2019 October 31, 2019
  • *The Serial Numbers are the sole responsibility of the bearer. Japan Airlines JMB & UUPON assume no responsibility whatsoever for loss, damage, or expiration.

Use your award

UUPON points can be used at wide variety stores, such as Family Mart, Wellcome and Chunghwa Telecom, and life scenes.

Changes to Taiwan UUPON Point Awards

Once deducted, miles cannot be refunded to the original JMB account.

Once miles are redeemed for awards, they cannot be refunded or exchanged for other awards.

  • *Taiwan UUPON Point Awards are not eligible for the Mileage Reinstatement Service for Unused Awards.